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Tanishia Wynette

Creator of the "Christmas Ball" Diva Wreath!

1 am the owner of Creation Location of KC. We are home to a fabulous Etsy site that sells our world renowed Diva Silhouettes. On our homesite, here, you will find the links to our Fun C.A.F.E for seniors and Kansas City's NEWEST Craft Cafe for all ages. My Creation Location always brings the fun both online and in person. I am known world wide for my instructional craft videos and fabulous tutorials for all things DIY! One amazing thing about me and these craft services that we offer, I am a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard as well. We can add a FREE wine tasting to any craft event or activity! Click the links below and discover Creation Location!

This link will take you to my Traveling Vineyard Website. You must be 21 years of age  or older to enter.

Specializing in UNDERGARMENTS

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I am an LPN who has discovered some amazing natural holistic remedies to disease, in addition to my traditional medical knowledge. Based on my experiences and what I have learned, I have elliviated Lupus (SLE) from my body AND a Pituitary Adenoma (tumor) that grew large enough to affect my vision. I am off all medications to date and don't plan on going back!  Doctors can no longer detect Lupus. No tumor shows on any MRI's. Join me in learning how to help our bodies do what they're already naturally designed to do...succesfully!

Healing blessings to all.

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